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Guidelines to Apply in Choosing Bible Verses of Each Day

The word of God is very important in our daily lives as it reveals how we should realize His intended purpose for our lives. By having scriptures, you are guaranteed of not drowning in the numerous world’s businesses that appeal much. It is vital therefore that you operate your day using bible verses. Settling for a bible verse for each day can be a stressful undertaking but paying close attention to the guidelines explained below can ease the task.

You should look into what challenges you in life. Some of the issues affecting our lives can be very hard for us. We thus need to be elated in order to be strong in order for us to walk through the challenges. Since it is God’s will for us to feel encouraged while facing temptations, the Bible has verses address every situation we find ourselves in. Note bible verse addressing your current situation and choose one to operate with each day until the time you overcome.

You can choose to use devotional materials. There are many devotionals written by various authors with topics for each day. You can choose the author you prefer most and commit to reading the daily devotional topics they provide. In most cases, authors end devotional topics by providing a prayer and bible scriptures for that day. You can read the verses to know the one that looks much appealing to you as your scripture of the day.

You should commit to devotions daily. Devotion time is a quiet moment where we seek the will of God regarding us through reading the word, meditating and praying. During this time, you should be in a place with low levels of disturbances to make sure your mind does not get distracted. This way, you can put your mind into a state of submitting to your spirit and the Holy Spirit can direct you into His will and put a scripture into your spirit.

Commit much time to reading the word. God encourages His children to read His word when He says that His children get destroyed because they do not have knowledge. Failure to read scriptures causes us to be limited in the knowledge about God and His plan for our lives. You should choose the manner in which to read portions of a bible daily. When reading, be conscious of God’s directive and know what He speaks to you from a given portion. You should check what God tells you after reading the portion then choose a verse that summarizes the message.

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