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Full Face Snorkel Masks Versus Traditional Snorkel Masks

If you want an unforgettable and memorable underwater adventure, it is important to get the right snorkel mask for you. It can be challenging choosing a well-fitted snorkel mask and failure to choose the right one for you may turn to a nightmare. Your snorkel mask is literally a swimmer’s window to the world of underwater. There’s always a question whether to choose a full face snorkel or a traditional snorkel mask, a regular snorkel or dry snorkel, or fins versus no fins. We want to address the issue by putting together the list of benefits and drawbacks for full face masks and traditional snorkel masks.

The traditional masks include goggle and snorkel. Traditional masks cover the eyes and nose to provide utmost protection from leakage. When shopping a traditional snorkel mask, choose one that is silicone-made and with wide peripheral vision. It is best to choose a mask which has “no fog’ lens so you can enjoy a very clear view while watching marine creatures underwater. The mouthpiece usually raise many problems when snorkeling. For newbies, they find traditional snorkel masks annoying due to a strong gag reflex. The snorkel tube should not cause discomfort when the mouthpiece sits in your mouth. Bear in mind that the traditional snorkel mask will allow you to breathe through the mouth so exercise a few breathing techniques proper to use. So far, the strong effect on the gag reflex is the main drawback of traditional snorkel masks. Those who have a sensitive gag reflex won’t be able to use the traditional mouthpiece, stopping them from enjoying snorkeling. Most divers also experience chocking with traditional snorkeling tubes on water when they resurface. It happens because of the design of traditional snorkel masks with hallow snorkel tube that is filled with water while the diver is submerged in water. When the diver resurfaces, the diver needs to blow all the water out which is a challenging technique to master.

An advanced snorkel mask resolves the problem we usually face with a traditional face mask. A full face mask totally eliminates the mouthpiece in a traditional snorkel mask for a natural snorkeling experience because the design enables users to breathe naturally underwater through the nose without any restrictions. Full face snorkel masks have a lot of advantages. Using a full face snorkel mask is very easy and simple, simply putting it on and enjoying the experience. Pros and newbies will definitely love full face snorkel masks. A great way of introducing snorkeling to kids is using a full face snorkeling mask. Full face snorkel masks have 180-degree angle screen, providing a clearer and wide visibility of the underwater. Keep the water away from your face and mouth using a full face mask.

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